Ethos Rest Tea is proudly voted as the Best Bedtime Tea by The Independent. 

A team of three at The Independent tested a number of CBD teas and drinks in the evening over 6 weeks, as part of an evening relaxation routine, to determine their favourite bedtime product.

Best Bedtime TeaOur organic Rest Hemp Tea was voted the Best Bedtime Tea, and here is what they said:

Best: Bedtime brew

Rating: 9/10

There is something quite fun about measuring out the perfect amount of loose leaf tea in a strainer. It felt like we were professionals when we measured the right amount, letting it steep before stirring. Although it is worth noting that using loose leaf CBD tea takes slightly longer than any tea bag versions. This Ethos Rest blend combines chamomile, passionflower, valerian and hemp to create the perfect pre-bed brew. We found the tea helped as part of a routine to unwind after a long day, before getting a good night’s sleep.

Ethos grows the hemp for the teas organically in Ireland and it contains CBD along with other cannabinoids. As there are so many different flowers contained in the blend, the tea doesn’t have an overwhelmingly strong taste of hemp which can be off-putting to some. Instead, the delicate chamomile flowers – which are known for their calming properties – help to give it a sweeter taste.

There are two other teas in the range which have different botanicals. The first, “active” (£​​9.30,, combines hemp with green sencha for an energising alternative to coffee with more of an earthy taste. The second, “balance” (£9.30,, combines lemongrass, apple, rosehip, tulsi and hemp for a fruity taste. The teas rely on different terpenes to add a little extra to the hemp. Terpenes are the compounds in plants that are responsible for the smell, and certain terpenes will work together to boost CBD benefits such as limonene found in citrus fruits or lemongrass.


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