CBD has taken Ireland by storm in the last two to three years due to its potential beneficial properties. Following suit of our friends in the United States, Canada and other parts of Europe, the CBD industry is set to grow exponentially in Ireland over the next five years. We explore all there is to know as a customer interested in buying Irish CBD oil or generally buying CBD in Ireland.

ethos CBD & Wellness

Production of CBD in Ireland

We work with our head grower in Wicklow, Ireland to sow EU certified hemp which is grown using organic only practices. The crop is harvested by the team in August each year when the cannabinoid level reaches its peak.

Once harvested, the hemp is dried using specifically designed equipment bringing moisture levels to approximately 12%. We then extract the CBD in our accredited laboratory using a cold-press extraction method. This produces a full spectrum, CBD rich extract which forms the base ingredient of our product ranges. This method is the most natural, and traditional form of CBD extraction from the hemp plant.

The full spectrum extract is sent to a European ISO accredited 3rd party lab for a full analysis of the cannabinoid profile. Back in our laboratory, our team blend the CBD rich extract with a range of other premium botanical extracts like Ashwagandha and essential oils like Peppermint to formulate our carefully crafted ranges. Each product batch is then re-tested with a certified lab and trialled with a group of customers for efficacy and safety. 

Buying CBD in Ireland (Online)

CBD oil can be bought in Ireland online off brand websites like ours, or with select pharmacy and health food stores’ websites.

Buying CBD in Ireland (In-store)

CBD oil can be purchased in pharmacies, health food stores and other retailers in Ireland.

Tips for buying CBD in Ireland

  • Support local: look for products using hemp grown in Ireland and where the CBD is cold press extracted and organic – this means you’re buying a natural Irish product
  • ISO Certified Lab Tested: most products out there will be lab tested, but you want to look out for ISO certification or accreditation – this means it is tested by the number one lab in the world using the most advanced testing technology
  • Carrier oil: look out for what other carrier oils are added to the product. At ethos we use hemp seed oil and MCT coconut oil for maximum absorption
  • Watch out: for products labelled ‘hemp seed oil’ as this is not the same as CBD. Many CBD products contain hemp seed oil but they also contain CBD extract and potentially other ingredients.
  • Dosage: lastly and probably the most important area to look out for is around dosage. Some products are labelled milligrams, others percentage and then there’s millilitres. It’s the number of milligrams (mg) per recommended daily dose that is the most important metric to look out for when choosing your product to truly identify 1. how much CBD you’re getting in your product bottle and 2. so you can compare value and price fairly across products.
ethos Natural CBD oil
ethos Natural CBD oil

At ethos we carry two strengths:⁠

  • 600mg (in the total bottle), giving you 20mg of CBD per day⁠ – ideal if you’re starting out your CBD journey
  • 1200mg (in the total bottle), giving you 40mg of CBD per day⁠ – ideal if your symptoms are more severe or if you like a stronger dose

This is based on the advice of the World Health Organisation, who state it’s safe to consume up to 70mg of CBD per day.


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