If you are wondering ‘how much CBD should I take’?, firstly you are not alone and secondly there is no clear-cut answer. The correct CBD dosage is influenced by multiple variables including body chemistry, weight, metabolism, your health goal and the quality of the product you are taking. 

How do I calculate my dosage?

We are aware that figuring out the dosage can be confusing for customers given products come in different volumes (10ml/30ml) and have different strength percentages. To avoid this confusion, we recommend you look at three important factors that can be found on the back of all labels or packaging:  

  • serving size
  • milligrams (mg) per serving size, and 
  • recommended daily dosage.   
Serving Size

Serving size varies between brands. Some refer to the number of drops (e.g. 4 drops) and others refer to the dropper volume (e.g. half a dropper). It is important you make yourself familiar with what this serving size is. ethos products we will always refer to the dropper volume as this is easier for the customer to measure than attempting to count individual drops.

Milligram (mg) per serving size

Once you understand the serving size then you should check how many milligrams of CBD is in that serving. E.g. 20mg per serving 

Recommended daily dosage

Finally and most importantly you should check the recommended daily dosage. This informs you how much of the product should be taken daily. This could be one serving or multiple servings, again this will vary by product. For ethos products this dosage amount is a recommendation based on product trials and feedback of what works best. However, as detailed below you can choose to start slow and build up your dosage over time.   

Start Low & Build’ Method

Given there is no ‘one size fits all’ response for what the correct dosage is, we have developed an approach to help remove confusion and ensure you can find the optimal dosage for your wellbeing needs. This approach is called ‘Start Low & Build’, it will help guide your decision of what product to buy and how much to take.

Our ‘Start Low & Build’ method involves starting with a low dosage and gradually building this up until you find your ‘sweet spot’, where you see optimal benefits from the oil. We recommend you journal this process and note down any changes you see over time. It’s important that you take your CBD consistently and make it part of your daily supplement routine to reap the real benefits. We also advocate CBD forms part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle. If you look after your body and mind through holistic natural methods you will give yourself the best chance to discover new levels of wellbeing. 

We’ve developed the below easy to understand guide to illustrate our ‘Start Low & Build’ method. 

  1. We recommend you try our lower strength 600mg ranges initially. Start by taking 1 half dropper of this range per day (this is half a serving) and will give you 10mg dosage. You can try this for the first week.
  2. Notice how you feel, for many they will require something stronger. If so, we recommend you take 2 half droppers (1 full dropper) per day which will give you a 20mg dosage. Continue with this for your first month and journal your feelings and experience, make note of any changes or improvements. 
  3. Depending on your wellbeing goal you may require building up the dosage even higher. You may also be a regular CBD user and know your sweet spot requires something more powerful. In these scenarios we recommend you purchasing the 1200mg ranges and taking the recommended daily dose which will provide you with 40mg of CBD. This daily dosage level is where we have seen the most beneficial results in our customer trials.

This is one example of how to follow our ‘Start Low & Build’ process. There are multiple other ways you can choose to build up your dosage but the fundamentals of the approach are what is most important:

  • Start with a small dosage
  • Monitor how you feel
  • Build up your dosage until you hit your individual sweet spot
  • Be consistent 

Look out for our dosage guide included with every bottle of CBD oil, this will help you accurately measure how much CBD you are taking each day.

How long does it take for CBD to work? 

Everyone’s body will respond differently to CBD given the variables expressed above. CBD is a food supplement and should be treated that way, the same as a vitamin. The benefits of CBD for your body and mind are proven but we always advise not to expect immediate results (however some will notice results very quickly). Changes for many will be gradual and we encourage you to take CBD consistently for a minimum of 8 weeks while journaling your experience and monitoring how you are feeling. If you are consistent and take CBD along with a healthy diet and lifestyle we are confident you will see great results in this timeframe.

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