Fergus Kerrigan tells us of his health issues which ultimately led him to create his own Irish CBD and wellness brand; ethos.

How did you discover CBD?

‘I had some health issues for over 9 months from 2017 to 2018. My symptoms were fatigue, migraines and sinus pain. To summarise my illness, I felt like I had a cloud over my head all the time. So, I went to a GP who prescribed me three rounds of antibiotics to treat sinus pain. It was a classic case of western medicine: treat the symptom and not the root cause and as a result my symptoms got much worse. As a result, I went to see a functional medicine doctor. With the help of this doctor I discovered food intolerances were causing my gut issues. The antibiotics I had been prescribed previously were destroying my gut flora’.

‘With advice from this functional medicine doctor I changed my diet completely. This included reducing my intake of sugar, dairy and yeast (which I was intolerant to) and introducing natural supplements to support my lifestyle. At this time I discovered CBD for the first time’.

What motivated you to create your own CBD products?

‘There was a lack of quality, trustworthy Irish CBD brands on the market at that time. And therefore, I had to purchase CBD from the USA. After about three months of taking the oil, I felt like a new man! In addition, I had two family members using CBD products for widely different reasons but both were seeing brilliant results. This again sparked by interest in CBD and the benefits it may have. Following this, I spent a lot of time researching CBD and decided that I wanted to create a reputable company, using Irish hemp and producing premium quality Irish CBD products’.

‘I wanted to create products that included other important botanicals and adaptogenic herbs. Also, I wanted to use premium ingredients e.g. MCT oil. I worked with doctors, nutritionists and herbalists to create a range of products I’m really proud of and work for me. For me, the best part is being on the farm and getting my hands dirty. This ensures I know exactly where the crop is coming from and what’s going into the products. And that’s important to us as a business’.

Recently, Fergus was invited to talk about his story on The Pat Divilly podcast. They spoke about:

  • Alternative medicine and taking responsibility for your health
  • Entrepreneurship and making a difference
  • The origins and benefits of CBD
  • Why to consider Irish CBD and how to use it

Listen to the full interview here to level up on your knowledge of CBD.

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