We are so excited to have just launched a range of organic hemp-based teas in Ireland. We want to encourage people to incorporate the benefits of the hemp plant into their daily wellbeing. We’re achieving this with our teas, while also maximizing the use of the crop we are already cultivating for our CBD oils. Each of the tea products have a unique function reflected in the name of the products; ACTIVE, BALANCE and REST and combine hemp grown organically in Wicklow with carefully chosen botanicals to deliver the specific health and wellbeing needs of our community.

The vibrant organic tea range includes:


Enrich your body for the every day

Taste: a smooth, full bodied earthy infusion

Main ingredients: organic hemp and green sencha



Find calm and clarity to take on each day

Taste: A vibrant collection of sweet botanicals, mint and calming earthy undertones

Main ingredients: organic hemp, tulsi, lemongrass, apple and rosehip



Unwind tonight naturally, wake up tomorrow restored

Taste: a dreamy infusion of sweet and floral botanicals

Main ingredients: organic hemp, chamomile, passionflower, hops and valerian

Speaking about the launch of ethos hemp teas, Amy O’Flaherty Co-Founder of ethos said:

‘After my first experience drinking hemp tea I wanted to share this with others. I felt an instant sense of calm and was surprised at how delicious hemp tea is. It has become my daily ritual. I used to start the working day quite on edge because as soon as I’d open my laptop I’d see my to do list or unread emails and feel anxious. Now I brew a cup of our Balance tea first thing as it helps me ease my way into the working day and is quite calming. I go to bed with a cup of our Rest tea and a good book and it is the ultimate wind down combo! We’ve been exploring mixing the hemp leaves with other functional botanicals and have created blends with unique aromas and tastes that support our customers’ wellbeing needs. We tested the waters with our product during Christmas 2020 with a Sleep Ritual Gift Box that included our CBD oil and a hemp and chamomile tea. The gift boxes flew out so quickly and we had people contacting us in the New Year wondering if they could buy the tea again so we had to go for it!’

Hemp tea is made by using the leaves of the cannabis plant and is full of naturally occurring CBD, other cannabinoids, vitamins and chlorophyll. Studies show that hemp tea could have calming effects to support stress, anxiety, and sleep, as well as supporting inflammation and gut related issues. ethos teas are carefully crafted with additional botanicals such as chamomile, tulsi, green sencha and valerian, to enhance the properties of the hemp tea to support several wellbeing needs: stress and anxiety support, sleep support and daily mind and body function.

Each of the teas can be brewed as hot teas or iced teas. For Iced Tea follow this recipe: 

STEP 1: Infuse 1 teaspoon of tea in 100ml of boiling water for 10 minutes

STEP 2: Add ice cubes once cooled and top up with 100ml of cold water

STEP 3: Add your garnish of choice! We suggest lemon, lime, mint or cucumber, and a squeeze of locally sourced honey!


ethos teas can be purchased online or in select health food stores and retailers across Ireland.