Balance Ritual Gift Box


Give the thoughtful gift of calm and balance to those with busy minds.

Our Balance Ritual Gift box is a curated set of products to help you find calm and clarity to take on each day. Inside you’ll find our Balance CBD Oil, our award-winning Balance Hemp Tea, Tea Strainer and our exclusive Balance CBD Roll-On.


In the morning after breakfast, drop the Balance CBD oil under your tongue and hold for 45-60 seconds to allow it absorb. Take this time to breathe deep and set positive intentions for the day ahead. 

Enjoy the calming scent of the Balance CBD roll-on by gently applying this to your pulse points, relax your shoulders and inhale the aroma. Use as required for bringing you back to a state of emotional balance.

Brew the Balance Hemp Tea any time of the day or evening to help bring a sense of calm and clarity. Along with hemp, the Tulsi herb forms the base of this tea. Studies show it is effective in reducing stress levels overtime when consumed daily. 

Balance CBD Oil 600mg 

Balance Hemp Tea  

Balance CBD Roll-on

Tea Strainer

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