Repair Ritual Gift Box


Give the gift of repair and tension relief to those with active lifestyles.

Our Repair Ritual Gift box includes our Repair CBD Balm and our exclusive Bian Gua Sha body tool used to massage muscles and release tension points. Together they support the body’s natural ability to soothe and heal by promoting circulation and reducing swelling in the area of concern.


After a hot shower, when your muscles are warm and your pores have opened, take a generous amount of the balm and allow it to soften and spread between your hands as you gently rub them together. Raise your palms and hover close to your face as you breathe in the powerful aroma before massaging onto the desired areas.

With your Bian Gua Sha body tool press and knead any trigger points or tired muscles as deeply or softly as desired. Rotate between the flat and rounded sides as needed. Repeat daily for best results. Building a daily routine with this balm and body Gua Sha can help to provide long term improvement to overall wellbeing.

Repair CBD balm 400mg

Bian Gua Sha 

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