Rest Ritual Gift Box


Give the thoughtful gift of a dreamy night’s sleep to those who need rest.

Our Rest Ritual Gift box is a curated set of products to help you unwind naturally and wake up feeling restored. Inside you’ll find our Rest CBD Oil, Rest Hemp Tea, Tea Strainer and a Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask.


As you wind down from a busy day, start by brewing a cup of dreamy Rest tea and sip in peace.

An hour before bedtime begin to prepare for a good night's sleep by dropping the Rest CBD Oil under your tongue. As you hold this under your tongue for 45-60 seconds take this opportunity to leave the thoughts of today behind and focus on the present moment.

Enjoy our bedtime yoga nidra track hosted by Pat Divilly, designed to help calm your mind and relax your body for a deep and peaceful sleep.

Pull the mulberry silk sleep mask over your eyes to block out artificial light. This will prevent interruptions to your sleep cycle.

Sweet dreams!

Rest CBD Oil 600mg 

Rest Hemp Tea  

Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

Tea Strainer

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