Seed to Store.


Sow, Grow & Harvest

The ethos team work with our head grower to sow EU certified hemp which is grown using organic only practices. The crop is harvested by the team in August each year when the cannabinoid level reaches its peak.


Dry & Extract:

Once harvested, the hemp is dried using specifically designed equipment bringing moisture levels to approximately 12%. We then extract the CBD in our accredited laboratory using a highly advanced cold-press extraction method. This produces a full spectrum, CBD rich extract which forms the base ingredient of our product ranges.


Test & Analyse:

The full spectrum extract is sent to a European ISO accredited 3rd party lab for a full analysis of the cannabinoid profile.


Formulate & Trial:

Back in our laboratory, our team blend the CBD rich extract with a range of other premium botanical extracts and essential oils to formulate our carefully crafted ranges. Each product batch is then re-tested with a certified lab and trialled with a group of customers for efficacy and safety.


Package and Deliver:

Finally, our products are packaged and delivered to you.