Whether you’re doing things solo or with a partner, have you ever noticed when you’re stressed you’re simply not in the mood? This Valentine’s Day we’re sharing the science behind sexual wellness and stress to help you get out of your head and back into your body.

Here’s why your Stress is Impacting your Libido

When you’re feeling stressed, your body adapts in order to prepare you to run away or stay and fight. This is your ‘fight or flight response‘. In fight or flight your heart rate will increase, your blood pressure will increase and you might notice your breathing rate increases. At the same time your body’s non-essential functions like sex drive are ‘switched off’.

The Physiological Effects

The fight or flight response also triggers the release of hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. In high levels these hormones can cause a decrease in sex drive. When your stress is chronic (long-term), your body uses sex hormones to meet the increased demands for higher cortisol production, decreasing your interest in sex.

The Psychological Effects

Stress can result in a busy mind, you begin overthinking and this distracts you from wanting sex or being present during sex. It can also impact your mood, in severe cases leading to anxiety and depression, which both diminish libido in their own right.


If you feel that life’s stress is effecting your libido, one of the first areas you should consider is general stress management. If you reverse your stress response using effective relaxation techniques, you won’t experience as many hormonal disturbances from chronic stress.

Try some known strategies for dealing with worry or anxiety in other areas of your life so that they won’t have an impact on your sex drive. A few stress management techniques to consider include:

  1. Daily Meditation – if you’re new to meditation the Insight Timer app is a great starting point. We love short meditations to start the day or before bedtime to help unwind.
  2. Breathing Excercises – we are big fans of box breathing. Check out this simple technique on our Instagram page which will help you reach a state of calm in an instant, and it’s totally free!
  3. Journaling – this is a great tool to help you get your thoughts out on paper and relieve your mind from pressure. Learn how to beging journalling here.

Supplements for Stress Management and Sexual Wellness

At ethos we believe in the power of small daily rituals to better your overall health and wellbeing. Our favourite supplement for bringing us to a state of calm is our Balance CBD Oil. This unique blend combines CBD with Ashwagandha extract – an ancient medicinal adatogenic herb proven to reduce stress and anxiety and in turn boost libido. Relieve your body of stress and begin your daily Balancing Ritual now.


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