Whether you are just starting your CBD journey or are trying to optimise your wellness routine it can be confusing to know what time of day is best to take your chosen CBD product.

There is not a definitive, one-size-fits-all answer and this is down to the unique biological make up each person. CBD like other food supplements reacts with people differently. Therefore the timing of its beneficial effects will vary from person to person.

While each person’s experience with CBD is unique, there are some general principles you should follow and factors to consider when choosing how to make CBD an integral part of your daily routine.

Consistency: Fit it into ‘your’ routine

Irrespective of what time of day you take CBD, the single most important factor to ensure you reap the benefits is to take it consistently. You need to build up CBD in your system through consistent, daily use. Taking CBD products sporadically significantly reduces the chances of positive changes for your wellness. Choose a time of day that suits your routine, reducing the chances of you forgetting to take your CBD.

Meal time

Research shows that taking CBD around meal and in particular after a meal can help increase absorption. A meal including healthy fats further increases absorption as CBD oil is fat soluble and digests simultaneously with your meal.

Wellbeing goal

Choosing the time of day that’s right for you will be influenced by your health concern and overall wellbeing goal. To help guide you, our team ran product trials with a selection of people with different health issues to assess what time of day worked best for them.

For those suffering with insomnia or sleep related issues, taking our SLEEP CBD oil a couple of hours before bed was confirmed to have the greatest benefits. Taking it 1-2 hours before bed allows the CBD to fully absorb and interact with your body ahead of winding down.

Those taking our BALANCE oil for anxiety and stress experienced the best results when taking the full daily dosage in the morning with breakfast or taking half in the morning and half in the evening after food. Similar results were seen for those taking our NATURAL oil for chronic pain issues.  Spreading the dosage across the day was deemed very beneficial and is recommended once it suits your routine and is easy for you to remember. If it’s easier to take the full dosage at the same time your taking other food supplements in the morning then this is the best time for you. Don’t forget CONSISTENCY trumps timing!

Listen to your body

Similar to other food supplements it can be tricky to pinpoint the exact moment you feel the benefits of CBD.  Beneficial impacts are normally felt gradually over time (3-8 weeks) however some will see them immediately. We always recommend you journal your experience with CBD, make note of the time of day you take it. ‘Did you take it after a meal?’, ‘how did you feel after it?’, ‘has there been any change to your ailment or health concern?’.

Journalling will encourage you to listen to your body. Focussing on how you feel will help you more accurately assess your improvements over time. It will also help you understand what works best in terms of time of day to take it. Don’t be afraid to test different time times of the day and see what works best.